Breads – “15 years old recipe” with love ❤️ 

I have been always fascinated with breads.

As a culinary consultant & chef, I went into the bread making experience on several occasions during these last 15 years starting with my mini pita bread that I used to fill shawermas, mini sandwiches, mini burger buns & a base to canapés.

  • “Plain Mini Greek burgers” Link 

  • “Semi flat turmeric & basil bread” Link

  • “Olives & rosemary canapés bread” Link

It’s a joy to start adding flavors & colors, to actually add whatever comes into your mind for an extra flavor yet without changing the recipe or the basics to still produce a good fluffy tasty bread.

  • I choose turmeric, basil, Rosemarie, paprika & olives, onions, tomatoes, Even black pepper, chili, lemon zest, cinnamon & brown sugar.
  • I can just keep on mentioning ingredients & flavors till I don’t know when !! The sky is the limit with add ons.

My basic recipe: 

1/2 kg flour,

1/2 kg whole grain flour

15 to 20 gr dry yeast

2 to 4 gr salt

2 to 4 gr sugar (brown sugar)

Paprika or turmeric for coloring

Water 400 ml (cold)

10 gr olive oil

  1. Mix well, cover & leave to rest till it rises (around an hour)
  2. Then shape ( preferably round ping pong balls size) and leave to rest on a baking tray to rise again (30 to 45 min)

180c to 200c for 15 to 18 min in oven (keep watching it)

You can also skip step 2 and try making FLAT BREAD – shape it round & thin then put on a hot round non stick pan, on a medium flame (as if you are doing crêpes) 

It will slightly rise while cooking..

Dough has to be worked & mixed well.

  • “Plain mini round bread Shawerma & hawawshi mini sandwiches” Link
  • Related topic panini press sandwiches 

I even made flat pizza sandwiches out of it 

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