Loooose Weight & be HEALTHY 

This a personal experience that I am sharing here ( it worked ) yet you have to make sure that your Cholesterol  level is ok – in case it’s not substitute the eggs with only whites or with tuna.

I lost the 18kg in almost 50 days.

And this how i did it.

Water – (Infused) 1 litre in the morning then another 6 litres during the day.

Eggs – 2 boiled eggs (breakfast) with Raw vegetables

Protein – lunch or dinner (as you wish) yet don’t exceed 300gr & accompanied with salad or vegetables.

Salad & vegetables you can eat any quantities at anytime.

Citrus fruits – like lemon ( in water) & oranges (I use to eat a lot of green apples although it’s not a citrus fruit)

Soups – essential especially at night, dinner (mix all your vegetables in one pot, spice it, cook it then blend it & eat it. Filling & with adding the right ingredients you have all the essentials, minerals & vitamins the body needs.

Green tea  – a plus try to have a couple a day.

Dark chocolate  – 1 square a day anytime.

Add Flax seeds to your food.

Use olive oil, black pepper, cumin, ginger, coriander, tumeric, rosemary, thyme, parsley, celery, apple vinegar to give flavor and taste to your dishes.

Salt – lower your intake of salt.

Coffee – lower your intake of coffee & use honey not sugar.

Sugar – nope

Dairy products & cheeses – nope

Bread & starch – nope

Soft drinks, coke etc – nope but ( I use to drink one can a week)

It’s never easy yet you start with a week trial and take it from there, it’s worth it, it works !!!

Also check Weekly nutrition plan below examples


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