Our PANINI Press Machine – do you have one at home?

Dania & I and the panini press have been married for 11 years !!

It’s been there since we got married, actually I had it maybe a couple of years earlier – it’s been there for over a decade now…

Dania cannot live without our Delonghi panini press !!

We cannot literally live without it.


Dania’s famous breakfast feta, tomato, turmeric and olive oil baladi bread pressed sandwich…

A great sandwich, if you really think of it!! Yes all the ingredients match together, ultimate aromas and authentic flavors…

Well today I made this exquisite starter and using the ingredients, flavors that Dania used in her sandwich but with a little twist!!!

Always using my Delonghi I grilled some baby colored peppers, cut in halfs but just plain.

Cutting a ball of Buffalo mozzarella into cubes adding Basil leaves to it.

Then salt & pepperSun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and Turmeric

And that it !!

  • Simple recipe, a great healthy rich, full of aromas and authentic ingredients.

Food photography  Osman ghaleb


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