Morning Bite @ Costa 🇪🇬

Friday morning, the kids wake me up at 9am – we are hungry, make us breakfast! They said…

Then my daughter asked “can we have breakfast @  Costa zamalek

Costa was 3 blocks away, the perfect destination at this specific moment.

Let’s go – I replied happily 

And off we went, arriving there I ordered my usual Corto Classic and the kids picked up a couple of sandwiches.

We sat down, my coffee arrived and shortly  the 2 plates and the kids started eating, I could tell that they were hungry 😋

With the first bite, Wow !! Was whispered then mashing, biting again and again…

Then we had a no sound few minutes, they were quiet, eating and enjoying what they were having..

Melted cheesy croque-monsieur, tasty, juicy, full of aromas, it was good, big, nicely made sandwich.

I usually take the roast beef emmental or the triple cheese.

The last is sooooo good, melted cheeses with mushrooms and slightly crunching onions!!            

It’s a hit


Good & consistent sandwiches & coffee.


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