Authentic or Fusion !

Let’s start AUTHENTIC
As chef & Caterer since 2000, I work with embassies and we serve / cater walking around receptions & functions.

We need to be creative to survive in this buisness and as we tailor our menus depending on clients needs, we have to gather information & preferences, must have ingredients, cold / hot or a mixture, colors & flavors, presentation etc…


Now we set a menu / items and this is the start of the creativity .. this is my favorite part – let’s set the menu.

One item was the hit of all although it’s a cheap, traditional yet tasty and crunchy !!!

What is Falafel ?

Photography by osman ghaleb

  • An outrageous fusion FALAFEL CANAPÉS 

A CRUNCHY BASE (toasted bread)

HUMMUS PURÉE with lemon and shopped PARSLEY 


topped with SPICY TEHINA
a dash of CUMIN 

House2House Catering services – Cairo, Egypt 🇪🇬


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